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Antisemitic Website Offers Simulation with Jews as Cryptocurrency


An antisemitic website offered a fake simulation in which users trade a valueless cryptocurrency called The HoloCoin, derived from the Holocaust, in which Jews and the ashes of Jews murdered in the Holocaust are the currency.

The domain has been shut down, supposedly by SquareSpace, the website-building platform upon which it was built.

“The HoloCoin (ticker: JEWS) is an ERC-20 Holocaust simulator,” the website read. “There are 15.3 million living JEWS at the beginning of The HoloCoin. Of these 15.3 million JEWS, 4,107 burned each day, equivalent to the rate at which Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust.”

The website offers two currencies: “JEWS” and “ASH,” referring to the ashes of Jews burned to death in the Holocaust.

“Please, there must be some use for ASH. We will sell our ASH to the highest bid,” the website stated.

ERC20 tokens are a form of currency on the Ethereum platform which may be transferred to a cryptowallet.

The site went on to explain that users may collect and trade Jews as a cryptocurrency, with hurdles involving “corrupt SS officers” who “arranged for the safe transport of Jews out of Nazi Germany.”