Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Assailants Spew Hate Speech, Project Items from Moving Car at Florida Jews

Police in Surfside are investigating an antisemitic attack involving members of the Jewish community who were struck by a Styrofoam cup by a group who were driving and yelling at them.

According to Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett, the incident happened Friday evening as the victims were walking north on Harding Avenue, between 90th and 91st streets.

“A car drove by with four individuals, and that car threw a cup of water and a soda can at them while they were yelling ‘free Palestine,’” Burkett said.

Police said the water cup struck one person in the right shoulder, and a second individual was splashed with water.

Burkett said the Surfside Police Department already has a lead on the vehicle that was involved.

“And I think they’ve tracked down the car, actually, so we’re making progress there,” he said. “We take it seriously, very seriously.”

When the suspects are caught, Burkett said, they will likely be charged with battery.

“You don’t throw things at people and not be held accountable for that,” he said. “That’s uncool, it’s not who we are. We want our residents to all feel safe.”

Burkett said witnesses and license plate readers helped officials track down the vehicle. He hopes his police department will make an arrest soon.