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Two Teens Assault Jews in Crown Heights During Funeral Procession


Black youths disrupted the funeral of Mendel Drizin, a respected real estate developer and donor, held in Crown Heights on Tuesday. As the procession passed by Drizin’s home on Crown Street, traffic was briefly held up on Brooklyn Avenue.

That was enough for the driver and passengers of a Nissan vehicle to act in rage and punch a young Jewish woman to the ground.

A bystander, who was attending the funeral while keeping a safe social distance, told COLlive.com the person hit was attending the funeral.

“They came out of their car and started cursing,” the person said. “They hit one person and then threw water on me. One of them said he had a gun and he would shoot everyone.”

Part of the incident was photographed, showing a woman falling in the intersection near the black youths. A video clip shows one of a female passenger punching a girl in the face. In another clip, one of the male passengers is infuriated that it was being filmed and then returns to his car to drive away in a rage.

“It was shocking that they would do this during a funeral,” the bystander commented. “They could have waited another 2 minutes out of respect. It was an unprovoked attack. They were out of control.”

What is more, he added, “black people in the nearby apartment building were egging them on. One of them said, ‘Go after them!’”

An official with the NYPD 71st Precinct told COLlive.com that they are treating it as a “traffic dispute,” since the person hit did not come forward and there were no reported injuries.