Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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White Supremacist Flyers Found in Another Kentucky Suburb

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Tuesday it is in the early stages of an investigation into pamphlets containing racists and antisemitic messages that were left in the Mallard Point neighborhood.

Carolyn Wedel told LEX 18 News she was on a run with a neighbor when her neighbor spotted the pamphlet, which was in a bag with a small rock. “The thing that caught her attention was the swastika,” Wedel said.

Along with the swastika were messages promoting white supremacy; one message claimed the people behind it were “fighting for the white race.”

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told LEX 18 that deputies are trying to identify through surveillance video who or which group of people put the pamphlets in peoples’ yards. LEX 18 recognized the name of the group displayed on the pamphlets, but chose not to identify them to avoid giving them a platform for their ideology. The group named on the pamphlets is a self-proclaimed white nationalist group; its website denigrates Jewish and Black people.

Similar fliers were found in Versailles last August and in Lexington last November.