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Brooklyn Subway Shooter’s Outrageous Antisemitic, Racist YouTube Uncovered

The man named as a suspect in the shooting at a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday that injured 29 people left a trail of hateful videos online targeting Jews and other minority groups.

Frank James, 62, was formally named by the NYPD as a suspect in the shooting at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, after previously being identified as a “person of interest.” One of the still images of James released by the police was lifted from a video posted to his YouTube channel, where viewers can find several lengthy and rambling videos featuring James opining on issues from mental health to race relations.

The videos show James — who remained at large on Wednesday morning — making bigoted and demeaning remarks about various minority groups, including African-Americans. Explaining his support for the complete segregation of Black and white populations, James disclosed in one video that if white people “tried to exterminate us, I would not be mad for one f***ing bit.”

He continued: “They can’t live with each other, but they’re going to live with your Black ass? Your half-monkey, cursed by God, Black f***ing stinkin’ ass?”

As well as YouTube, where James’ used the moniker “prophet of truth 88” (numerals often used by white supremacists as code for “HH,” or “Heil Hitler”) he also posted similarly disturbing videos to Facebook, including one titled “they hate jew.”

Uploaded in 2017, the video consisted of James engaging in an antisemitic rant while displaying photos of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and several harrowing images of Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.

“This is gonna be about Jews and my personal relationship with Jews, and the utter contempt that all the f***ing Jews I’ve dealt with show me at the end of the day,” James stated at the start of the video.

After conceding that Jews had experienced some “horrible shit” during Hitler’s rule, James then provided his viewers with an “FYI” while displaying images of the mass graves of Holocaust victims.

“This is an FYI about these f***ing Jews, and how they will smile in your f***ing face while stabbing you in the back in a heartbeat,” James said. “And they do it so smoothly, you don’t even realize you’ve been stabbed in the back.”  Complaining that Jews had not been “humbled” by the experience of the Holocaust, James railed that “those motherf*****s don’t contribute to s**t to life on this earth but s**t, piss, pollution, and death and destruction.”

In his latest video, uploaded on Monday, James, who referenced his struggles with social services in several of his videos, declared: “Let us not forget, I have been through a lot of s**t where I can say I wanted to kill people. I wanted to watch people die right in front of my f***ing face immediately.”

He went on to say that he rejected the very idea of prison because of his unspecified concerns about the incarcerated Black population, to whom he referred using a racial pejorative.

“I’m not built for no prison, I am just not,” James said. “I don’t want to be around a bunch of [n-word] now, let alone all day every day.”