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‘Goyim Defense League’ Targets Atlanta with Antisemitic Fliers

Atlanta resident David Goldstein was “absolutely horrified” to discover antisemitic flyers on his car on April 8 when he emerged from shopping in a neighborhood south of downtown Atlanta.

One flyer declared that “Every Single Aspect of the Media is Jewish” and displayed the names and photographs of prominent Jews in the news and entertainment business, some of whom no longer are living. The other declared that “Every Single Aspect of the Ukraine-Russia War is Jewish,” pasting together newspaper headlines, some unrelated to the current conflict.

The bottom of the flyers read: “These Flyers Were Distributed Randomly Without Malicious Intent.”

Goldstein certainly found the flyers malicious. A 69-year-old, retired Atlanta native, Goldstein said that his car was parked on a public street in the Lakewood Heights neighborhood. He also saw that flyers had been placed on several other vehicles.

StopAntisemitism, a watchdog organization that monitors Jew hatred and bias against the Jewish people tweeted about the incident, cited group members’ arrests in the past on Twitter.

“My family members are Holocaust survivors and I wanted to report this incident of antisemitism,” Goldstein said, adding that his grandparents had escaped Germany for Ukraine during the Holocaust.

“I was absolutely horrified that we are reliving Nazism all over again in America. These antisemitic tropes have no place in a multi-racial democracy. Upon further research, this group is responsible for spreading their anti-Jewish hate and vitriol nationwide,” Goldstein said.

The group, ‘Goyim Defense League’ is led my white supremacist Jon Minadeo II and operates a video sharing website that displays antisemitic conspiracy theories and related content and sells antisemitic merchandise.

Goyim Defense League is responsible for approx. 75 antisemitic propaganda incidents nationally in 2021 and has continued its activities in at least 17 states this year.

This appears to be the first time that this group’s flyers have appeared in the Atlanta area.