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White Supremacist Group ‘GDL’ Continues to Harass Nashville Community with Antisemitic Flyer Drops

Homeowners shared a video showing antisemitic flyers being handed out in Nashville neighborhoods.

Neighbors said disturbing flyers placed inside plastic baggies were thrown onto dozens of yards all along Beechwood and Rosewood avenues, but some say the hate didn’t stop here.

“Disgust and anger,” Rosane Awbrey said.

Awbrey said her neighbor’s surveillance camera captured showing someone driving by throwing things out of their car.

“My first thought was whoever is doing this is one sick person,” Awbrey said.

In the video taken at around 10 p.m. Friday, you see someone driving a car slowly down Beechwood Avenue.

“Somebody was going around tossing these antisemitic panelists,” Awbrey said.

Hours later dozens of homeowners say they found these flyers covered in anti-Jewish messages placed inside plastic bags thrown onto their yards.

StopAntisemitism, the Jewish advocacy organization tracking similar antisemitic flyer drops, has attributed the leaflets to the Goyim Defense League. The league is run by white nationalist Jon Minadeo II. Minadeo and his group have spent the last few weeks harassing the communities of Nashville.

“How dare they come into this lovely neighborhood and try to poison it with their veil message,” Awbrey said.

Homeowners said some neighbors even have holocaust surviving family members so after reporting what happened to Metro Police, a few people went around collecting the flyers to stop others from seeing them.

“This kind of hatred and antisemitic crap, pardon my French, does not need to be happening,” Awbrey said.

While police search for the people responsible Awbrey says she is praying for these kinds of crimes to stop.

“The world is so full of tragedy and sorrow, so I don’t know why they’re trying to stir up more trouble,” Awbrey said.

Anyone with information on the people responsible for these flyers is asked to call Metro Police.

Source: https://www.wsmv.com/2023/04/12/antisemitic-flyers-scattered-throughout-nashville-neighborhoods/