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Popular Content Creator Spews Antisemitic Vitriol on Livestream

Nicolas Kenn de Balinthazy (Right)

Social media content creator Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy exclaimed, “Down with the Jews” during a stream on March 31, adding to a long history of antisemitic remarks.

De Balinthazy, who streams on Rumble under the moniker Sneako, was using the Monkey random video chat app when he encountered users who said that they were Palestinian.”Free Palestine,” said De Balinthazy. “Down with the Yahud [Jews]!” Allahu Akbar!”

De Balinthazy has a history of engaging in antisemitic conspiracy theories. On Wednesday, he proclaimed on X that “Every ‘conspiracy theory’ from the last century is just Israel.”

In response to Gentlemen’s Quarterly naming celebrity Kim Kardashian “Man of the Year” in November, De Balinthazy said, “Everything in the West is a gay Zionist psyop.”

“The west will inevitably fall. Every politician is owned by Zionists; everybody influential is owned by Satan,” he said in November.

During a spat with martial artist Mikey Misumichi in January, De Balinthazy said that he would only be willing to fight the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion if Misumichi organized a conversation with the streamer with his sparring partner and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss Zionism and “who controls the world.”

De Balinthazy, who worked with rapper Kanye West on the musician’s 2020 presidential campaign, praised him in November for changing the world because prior “Mentioning Zionist power prior was nearly impossible. A year later there is a worldwide awakening.”

“Without YE24 [West] would you be noticing Israel?” De Balinthazy said on X on Monday, sharing a photo of the two.

De Balinthazy has been critical of Israel during the Israel-Hamas War, and last Thursday claimed that a worldwide awakening was occurring to the “chokehold Israel has on America.”