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Rantz: Seattle Teacher Recorded Defending Hamas Rape and Murder, Pushed BDS on Students

Accuracy in Media’s Adam Guillette confronts Seattle teacher Ian Golash over his antisemitism.

Ian Golash, the Seattle teacher notorious for his shocking defense of Hamas’ heinous acts against Israelis, is at it again. This time, he’s dragged students out of class — purportedly without parental consent — to be recorded as he spewed his antisemitic bile. Exclusive to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, we’ve learned Golash appears to have funneled taxpayer resources into asking students to shun pro-Israel businesses.

Golash, leading the Social Studies department and teaching Ethnic Studies World History to freshmen and sophomores, has drawn flak from parents and students alike for his antisemitic antics. Yet, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and the school’s principal have turned a blind eye.

The plot thickened when The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH first exposed Golash’s troubling syllabus and social media defenses of Hamas. It motivated Adam Guillette of Accuracy in Media (AIM) to confront him. Armed with a camera crew and a mobile billboard denouncing Golash’s antisemitism, AIM recorded the entire showdown. Guillette never anticipated Golash would parade his students into this media melee, especially without the legally required parental permission for filming under SPS supervision.

AIM provided the raw footage to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

The confrontation was centered around Golash’s previous support of Hamas using sexual violence, murder, and kidnapping as an acceptable form of “resistance.”

In a Jan. 27, 2024 Facebook post, Golash wrote: “Yes, I believe that resistance against colonialism–and yes I believe Israel is a settler colonial state — and all forms of oppression is justified. People who are being oppressed get to decide what forms of resistance works best for them, not me or anyone else — especially not the oppressors.”

After twice denying there’s evidence of rape by asking “where’s the evidence?” Guillette asked Golash, “Were women murdered at the Music Festival?”

“They were,” Golash admitted.

“Was that justified?” Guillette asked.

After three seconds of pause, Golash said, “yes.”

“The murder of innocent women just attending a music festival, that was justified in your opinion?” Guillette countered.

“No, I think resistance against Israel is justified. Yes,” Golash said.“Do girls attending a music festival count as Israel?” Guillette asked before Golash dismissed the questions as “a pointless conversation.”

When Guillette first asked Golash how he could support the rape of women, the teacher claimed there wasn’t proof of any rape, asking, “Where’s the evidence that there was rape?”

There’s a mountain of evidence that Golash pretends doesn’t exist. His rape denialism allows him to better justify the so-called “resistance,” even though that still involves the murder of innocent Israelis.

Amit Soussana, a released hostage, detailed her own sexual assault and torture in a graphic interview with the New York Times on March 26. She explained, in detail, how a Hamas terrorist forced her to perform a sex act on him while he pressed a pistol to her forehead.

Further, a United Nations investigation found there were “reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence — including rape and gang-rape — occurred across multiple locations of Israel and the Gaza periphery during the attacks on 7 October 2023.” The March 11, 2023 report relied on “confidential interviews with 34 individuals, including survivors and witnesses of the 7 October 2023 attacks, released hostages, first responders and health and service providers.” It reviewed 50 hours of footage of the attacks, over 5,000 photos and visits to four attack sites and the morgue where victims’ bodies were transferred.

After the recorded interview, Golash took to Facebook to again defend his antisemitism and Hamas cheerleading.

“Yes, I believe that resistance against colonialism and all forms of oppression is justified. And yes, I believe that the people who are being oppressed get to decide what form of resistance works best for them, not me or anyone else, especially not the oppressors,” he wrote on April 5.

Golash brought his classroom off campus to meet with Guillette and to be interviewed. There didn’t appear to be parental consent, which would likely be required. An SPS spokesperson refused to answer questions concerning student involvement.

But one student who spoke to Guillette made it clear that they believe Golash is too extreme for the classroom.

“Honestly, how has he not been fired? I mean … I’ve read his [social media] posts. He’s antisemitic. And he’s a criminal, I think,” a student told Guillette on camera.

The student is making reference to Golash’s arrest record.An SPS spokesperson, who won’t identify herself to the media, finally released a comment about Golash. The statement came after KTTH Radio, MyNorthwest.com and KIRO Newsradio spent weeks inquiring, but being ignored. Once the district realized the latest antisemitism was filmed and would be widely distributed, apparently they didn’t think they could continue to be silent, calling a transcript of the interview “concerning.” But their statement was boilerplate.

“Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is looking into the matter to determine the facts. While our review is in process, we will not comment on personnel matters related to this topic. Creating high-quality and inclusive educational environments for our students is a top priority for SPS. SPS does not tolerate Antisemitic or Islamophobic speech or acts in our schools or offices,” the statement said.

In classic deflective fashion, the spokesperson jams Islamophobia into the conversation about antisemitism, as if one can’t stand without the other. It’s a sly move, painting a false equivalence that dilutes the unique severity of antisemitism we’re facing. Rather than addressing the rampant Jew-hatred head-on, they sidestep, proving they’re more about political posturing than tackling the real issue.

As alarming is that SPS, and the Chief Sealth High School principal, had been made aware of Golash’s antisemitism months ago. They’ve given no indication that they stepped in, according to parents and students.

According to emails obtained by The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Golash coordinated an effort, while apparently using taxpayer funds, to promote the Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) movement.

On November 15, 2023, Golash sent an email from his SPS account with a flyer he created to distribute to students. While the email’s recipients are partially redacted, it appears he was emailing students.

“I [sic] been out of school for a few days, but I finally got to digitally make the flyer … it’s attached tell me what you think. Then I’ll work on getting them printed in color,” he emailed. “Maybe we can start with black and white… I can have those ready tomorrow (Thursday) [sic] It will take me a couple days to do the color cuz I’ll need to go to the copy shop. We don’t have one at school.”

The attached flyer uses the antisemitic slogan, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” It tells students that, “You don’t have to be Muslim or Arab to support Palestine, you just have to be human,” implying that Israelis and supporters of Israel are not human.

But what’s especially troubling is the blatant political message geared towards students. After telling students that Israel is committing genocide and promoting an antisemitic documentary casting Israel as an oppressor, Golash’s flyer specifically asks students to boycott brands because they are pro-Israel: “Just boycott.”

“To show your support towards Palestine boycott these brands (McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, Lays, Pringles, Nike, Puma, Kylie Jenner makeup, etc.) All of these brands support or fund Israel.”

According to the SPS handbook, Superintendent Procedure 5252SP limits staff political activities on and off campus. It prohibits employees from campaigning for a political issue during school hours on school property. The email was sent during the evening, but the intent appears to be distribution on campus while using campus property to print a black-and-white version of the flyer.

Golash has been subject to a number of complaints over antisemitism since Oct. 7, 2023. They’ve appeared to have fallen on deaf ears.

Chief Sealth High School Principal Ray Garcia-Morales received an email complaint on Nov. 6, 2023 from a concerned parent. The unidentified parent complained that their daughter was exposed to “insensitive, incomplete” materials around Israel’s war with Hamas.

Their daughter said she “does not feel safe to speak up.” Though redacted, the context of the complaint is that the student feels like “she has to hide her” Jewish identity.

“She described a scene where an Arab student approached her and asked in front of a group of people what side is she on?” the parent recounts.

According to emails obtained through a public disclosure request, Golash showed students a documentary by far-left Empire Files called “The Untold History of Palestine & Israel.” It was not vetted by the school. It forwards conspiracies and falsehoods about Jews and Zionism.

On Dec. 5, more than a month later, the parent wrote that Garcia-Morales had not yet responded to her concerns. The parent wrote, “I am disappointed and sad that these serious questions have not even been acknowledged, much less looked into.”

Two days later, Garcia-Morales finally responded. He said he spoke to Golash about the parent’s concerns, though didn’t bother to find out the name of the documentary students watched (which was a question the parent had). He actually asked the parent if they found out the name of the documentary yet.

In the email, Garcia-Morales conceded, “from the river to the sea,” which was used in a flyer to promote a Golash after-school event meant to claim Israel stole land, was antisemitic. He said the flyers would come down.

In a separate Dec. 7 email the principal wrote to colleagues, he downplayed concerns over Golash by saying that out of 140 students, only four families have complained.

On Nov. 29, 2023, a Jewish student wrote to Golash to explain their “experience as a student in your class.” The student’s identity has been redacted.

The student complained that “discussion of topics that do not align with your beliefs are not welcome.” They said that the “overbearing presence of your own beliefs makes it uncomfortable for students like me to share their own opinions and experiences.” The students told Golash that he “should leave room for students to form and express their own opinions.”

In the email, the student brought up a troubling lesson on Gaza where “only your perspective was shared.” The student expressed concern with the antisemitism “that I have personally experienced,” and pointed directly to a flyer Golash created where Israel was listed in quotes, “as if you feel it should not be a real place. This made me uncomfortable. Israel is a part of my identity. It is home to family and friends of mine.”

One parent has been complaining about Golash to the school for months. She reached out to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH after the latest controversy.

“SPS made it incredibly hard to be heard as a concerned parent,” she told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “I was forced to spend countless hours raising concerns (that were extremely valid) through every avenue available. SPS is sending a message that their families and students they serve don’t matter and that they’ll only listen and cater to the loudest person in the room, no matter how hateful and divisive they are. It also leads me to believe that they share his beliefs.”

It appears SPS makes it just as difficult on media as they do on parents expressing concerns.

SPS spokespeople have been reluctant to comment on Golash’s behavior. They ignored all email requests for comments around the BDS flyer from KTTH Radio, MyNorthwest and KIRO Newsradio. They do not even respond to say “no comment.”

In one email, on a related story around a quiz Golash used to fail a student who said men cannot get pregnant, SPS staffer Caleb Perkins hoped to frame their answers in a way that considers the fact that I’m a conservative talk show host.

“Does the Comms team/Bev [Beverly Raymond, chief of staff] have guidance on how SPS staff should respond to a conservative talk show that may be trying to further a political agenda in the questions it is asking?” Perkins wrote while sharing a link to my KTTH.com page.

Mary Cauffman, an operations assistant who drafts media responses, replied that the SPS team “takes into account inquiries that may seek to advance a political agenda in their responses.”

After compiling a draft to my questions, ethnic studies program manager Alekzandr Wray said he “tried to give a matter-of-fact answer that neither threw the teacher under the bus nor explicitly fell into the politically motivated issue that the inquired seemed to be trying to inflame.”

SPS claims it’s now looking into the interview Golash gave to AIM. The district further claims that it doesn’t allow for antisemitism. Both claims are hard to take seriously.

Golash has never hid his antisemitic views. He actively posts his dangerous and dehumanizing views on social media. He’s been subject to a number of local and national news stories. And the school and district have heard a number of complaints from parents. It appears the only reason SPS is now responding, is Golash was foolish enough to put himself and his students on camera while defending the rape, murder, and kidnap of Israeli civilians. Had there not been video evidence provided right off campus, with students who didn’t know they would be recorded that day, SPS would have undoubtedly continued to sweep the antisemitism under the rug.

That SPS can’t even singularly condemn antisemitism without bringing up islamophobia (which hasn’t even been alleged) tells us where the district stands. It does not value Jews, be they students, parents, faculty, or community members.

Golash is dangerous and cannot remain with SPS. He justifies the use of rape, murder and kidnapping of innocent civilians. Is that someone who should shape students’ worldviews?

Emails obtained by The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, and his own social media posts, show Golash to be an extremist and propagandist, not a teacher. His goal seems to be to churn out the latest version of Hitler Youth, only they’ll be Hamas Youth. How can SPS justify keeping him in the classroom, unless they agree with his activism? What will they tell Jewish students and their parents about why Golash is still teaching? That they should just switch to a different class? It’s clear what message SPS is sending.

Seattle Public Schools’ hesitance to decisively address Golash’s vile rhetoric exposes a disturbing tolerance for antisemitism under the guise of academic freedom. It’s a dangerous precedent, one that sacrifices the well-being and safety of Jewish students on the altar of political correctness. SPS must act, not with empty words, but with immediate termination of Golash’s employment, to demonstrate a genuine commitment to fighting hatred and bigotry in all forms.

StopAntisemitism, a leading non-partisan organization fighting antisemitism, released a statement following the latest controversy around Golash.

“Allowing Ian Golash, a hate-filled teacher who justifies the murder of innocent men, women and children, to remain in his position not only harms students directly but also undermines the integrity of the educational institution. It is essential for school administrators to terminate Golash,” Liora Rez, Executive Director of StopAntisemitism, told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

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