Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Massachusetts University Administrative Office Vandalized by Pro-Hamas Students

Pro-Palestine students at the University of Massachusetts converged on the chancellor’s office to express their anti-Israel sentiments by covering the walls outside the office in messages. 

An Instagram post by UMass’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) announced: “After our rally today, we sat in @umassamherstchancellor office demanding he listen to the overwhelming majority of his students that voted to DIVEST from war profiteers. From 12:30-6:30, we protested, chanted, made speeches, and honored our martyrs in community.”

The Instagram post went on to allege that “the death toll in Gaza is over 30,000 who have been murdered by the Zionist entity. That number is comparable to if every single person at UMass died.” 

“Zionist entity” is a term used by opponents of Israel to reject the Jewish State’s legitimacy and right to exist. 

The walls outside the office were covered with different posters and messages such as “UMass you have blood on your hands” and “UMass is complicit in genocide,” as seen from the Instagram post. 

Another sign read “F*** the apartheid white supremacist, genocidal pedophile ‘state,’” and another read “from the river to the sea” in Arabic, which some have said is a genocidal slogan targeted at Jews. 

The protestors also wrote “F*** you! Palestine is burning!” and taped it to an office wall.

“[T]hank you all for your beautiful messages,” the SJP wrote in another Instagram post showcasing the posters. 

Campus Reform has covered several other anti-Israel incidents involving UMass this year.

Earlier this March, a group called UMass Amherst Faculty for Justice in Palestine published a letter defending pro-Palestine students who were arrested for trespassing on UMass Amherst’s grounds during an anti-Israel demonstration.

This February, Campus Reform also reported that the “Department of Education opened an investigation . . . into the University of Massachusetts Amherst over its handling of two anti-Semitic incidents on campus, including one in which Pro-Hamas students cornered and harassed Jewish reporter Kassy Dillon,” following a formal complaint initiated by Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zachary Marschall. 

Campus Reform has contacted the University of Massachusetts for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.