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Florida University Professor Teaching Students about “Zionist Terrorist Regime”

Several Jewish students at Florida International University are voicing concern Professor Ronald Morales’ “Terrorism and Homeland Security” course, required for students seeking a Criminal Justice degree.

Of specific concern was an assignment Morales gave – to discuss the Zionist terrorist organizations that have existed in Israel.

“Discuss the Zionist terrorist organizations that have existed in Israel. Looking at some of the prominent Middle Eastern terrorist groups discussed in this chapter, what are some of the techniques used by terrorist organizations to increase recognition, support, and power? What external forces discussed in previous chapters multiplied the strength of these terrorist organizations? Do you think it is possible to bring religious extremism to an end?”

In the textbook —“Terrorism and Homeland Security, 9th Edition” by Jonathan R. White— Israel appears to be depicted for all intents and purposes as “The Little Satan,” while Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah are described as “health, social welfare, and education” organizations that only have a military wing to “resist” Israeli Defense Forces, or the IDF.

For example in Chapter 9 of the textbook, the focus is on Terrorism in Israel and Palestine and includes plenty of information on Hamas and Hezbollah, but the author appears to defend Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

Israel’s targeting of “alleged terrorists,” whether retaliatory or proactive, is categorized as being part of “Middle Eastern terrorism.”

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