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Russian Holocaust Memorial Vandalized with “Death to Dirty Jews”

Their blood was spilled like water, without anyone to honor their burial” – reads the inscription.

In the town of Pushkin (St. Petersburg area of Russia, the “Formula of Sorrow” memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism and Holocaust was vandalized.

On a truncated prism with a commemorative inscription, which is part of the memorial, unknown vandals applied the words “Death to the Dirty Jews” («Эно смерть жидам») in white paint on or around Easter.

The Director of the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg, Alexander Frenkel, was notified. By the time Frenkel, the antisemitic slogan had already been erased. Unfortunately when the paint was removed, the memorial itself was damaged; the inscription made in gold letters was partially erased, streaks and scratches appeared. 

“We plan to submit an application to the prosecutor’s office.” said Alexander Frenkel.

“Formula of Sorrow” is a monument erected to remember the Jewish victims of Nazism killed in city of Pushkin during the Second World War. The memorial was erected in 1991 at the initiative of a group of Jewish activists in the city – Gennady Farber, Alexander Frenkel, Leonid Colton.

Every year a commemorative ceremony is held here with the participation of the Jews of St. Petersburg and Pushkin.