Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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New Jersey Ivy League University Probed for Failing to Protect Jewish Students

The Department of Education has opened an investigation into Princeton University over its alleged failure to respond to campus antisemitism.

The complaint, filed by Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zachary Marschall, cites several events at Princeton following Oct. 7. 

One example is from Oct. 25 when 400 people participated in a protest at Princeton, where chants of “Intifada” and “Brick by brick, wall by wall, apartheid has got to fall” could be reportedly heard.

”The violent words of these protesters completely disregard the atrocities Hamas has already committed and promises to commit in the future against the people of Israel, including raping, murdering, and kidnapping civilians,” Marschall wrote in the complaint.

Campus Reform reached out to Princeton for comment.