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Group of Teens Brutally Assault Orthodox Jewish Man in Brooklyn

June 7th Update: NYPD have arrested Logan Jones, 18 from Staten Island in connection with the brutal assault; more here.

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A gang of assailants brutally assaulted an Orthodox Jewish man on a Brooklyn street on Friday night, the latest in a string of attacks on Jews in the area.

Six males repeatedly punched and kicked the Hasidic Jewish man in the Williamsburg neighborhood, causing him minor injuries, according to police and neighborhood groups.

Police are investigating the case as a hate crime and have made one arrest on Sunday.

There were no “prior words of provocation” between the 21-year-old victim and assailants ahead of the beating, police said.

The watchdog group that monitors hate and bias against the Jewish people, StopAntisemitism, tweeted out a video of the attack, which appeared to show the group striking the victim and shoving him against the side of the truck, where he collapsed, and the beating continued.