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Norwegian State Broadcaster Includes Antisemitic Blood Libel About Matzah in Easter, Passover Quiz

The Norwegian government-owned broadcasting company NRK  featured an antisemitic blood libel in a quiz about Easter and Passover published on its website on Thursday. 

The eighth question in the quiz entitled “a very special bread,” shows a picture of young boy holding pieces of matzah. Readers are asked “What was special about the bread Jesus and the disciples ate during the Passover meal?” and can choose from three answers. The third options says “there was blood in it,” a reference to the blood libel that accused Jews of using the blood of Christian children to make matzah.

Twitter users said NRK including the blood libel in its quiz is “absolutely disgusting.” Conrad Myrland, CEO of Med Israel for fred (MIFF) — Europe’s largest pro-Israel membership organization — said that NRK “decided to test how many people believe in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in their Easter quiz.”

In February, the state-owned network drew criticism from Norway’s Jewish community after a program host on the NRK P13 radio channel launched into an antisemitic tirade, saying that Israel’s success of Israel’s COVID-19 inoculation drive made him “almost wish” the vaccine had failed.