Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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University of Connecticut Unable to Control Antisemitic Fiasco Happening on Campus

The most recent antisemitic graffiti discussed by University President Katsouleas was found on a building near UConn Hillel as well as a student carrying a box of Matzoh and a kippa was verbally assaulted with antisemitic slurs while walking near Mirror Lake.

Last month, Lejuez notified students about a swastika found drawn on the wall of the men’s bathroom in the Biology/Physics building, as well as an anti-Black slur discovered later the same day in that building. A similar series of antisemitic and racist property damage took place throughout the fall in South Campus.

“It is distressing to me that a letter like this one is necessary, but it is absolutely urgent for us to make clear to all of our students, faculty, and staff members that you are vital, valued members of the UConn community,” Katsouleas said. “For those who feel distressed or uncertain in the face of incidents of abhorrent conduct, let us be as clear as we can: Hate has no place here.”

Meanwhile Jewish students have been begging the University and President Katsouleas to do something for over 22 weeks per this below Instagram post on the school’s Hillel page.

U Conn.jpeg

“We are taking these incidents very seriously, and any violations of the law or the Student Code of Conduct will be answered with disciplinary measures and law enforcement where appropriate,” the school officials said yet are unable to curb the spike of hatred happening on their campus.