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Dozens of KKK Flyers Show Up on the Door Steps of Orange County Home Owners

People in the Newport Heights community and the surrounding area woke up Sunday morning to flyers outside their homes promoting Ku Klux Klan ideologies. Unfortunately, the Orange County community where the fitness professional works and lives was shocked after waking up to the racist flyers Sunday morning.

The papers, wrapped in ziplock bags with a rock, promote Ku Klux Klan ideologies.

KKK Flyers2.jpeg

Olivia Slutzky’s husband found one outside their Newport Heights home and she planned to have a talk about it at the dinner table with her children and husband.

“I’m surprised my husband actually threw it away. I think it would be a worthy conversation to have at the table and to discuss how this could happen and what their reaction is to it,” Slutzky said.

This wasn’t the first time the Slutzkys addressed messages of white supremacy in their Newport Beach home.

Just a couple years earlier, there was a serious talk in their Jewish household about a photo taken at a local high school party. It showed red plastic cups arranged in the shape of a swastika and students giving what appeared to be a Nazi salute.

“To think that there are people in our neighborhood that are not only maybe even secretly in support of it, but obviously openly supporting a group like this is hard for me to reconcile as an American and a human,” Slutzky said.

One man in the Newport Heights community where the flyers were found told Eyewitness News he didn’t see a problem with them. A spokesperson with the Newport Beach Police Department said Monday an investigation was underway, but provided no additional details.