Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Second Swastika Discovered at New York High School

Antisemitic garffiti has been discovered at a high school in Rockland. School officials and police confirm a swastika was found in a classroom at Clarkstown South High School weeks ago, and another was seen in a locker room earlier this month.

Some students News 12 spoke to during dismissal on Thursday had no idea, while another student said it happened in their classroom. 

The president of Rockland’s Jewish Foundation said they are aware of what happened and are prepared to help the district.

The school district said the swastika symbol has no place in the school district and encouraged all families to take time during the upcoming break to talk about the values of tolerance and acceptance. 

Source: https://hudsonvalley.news12.com/officials-confirm-swastika-found-in-clarkstown-hs-classroom-weeks-ago-another-found-in-locker-room-this-month