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Violent Man with Anti-Jewish Past Taken into Custody for Punching New York Influencer

Skiboky Stora, arrested for assaulting TikToker Halley Kate Mcgookin on Monday, was busted in November for following a couple into a Chelsea building while screaming “Die, Jews, die!’ video seen by the Daily News shows.

“It was terrifying,” said Lilli Debode, 29, who was walking with her husband and their dogs on E.15th St. at Fifth Ave. on Nov. 18 at about 9:30 a.m. when they spotted Stora tearing down flyers of kidnapped Israeli hostages, according to a criminal complaint.

Debode says simply looking at what Stora was doing seemed to be enough to spark his ire, and he began screaming at the couple as he followed them for a block and a half, the complaint said.

“I was crying and I was begging people on the street for help and to step in and no one did,” said Debode. “A tiny woman on the street, she was the one who ended up saying ‘Follow me to my building.’”

In the surveillance video from the W. 16th St. building, a man who appears to be Stora is seen bursting through the doors, pulling a small dog along with him and yelling unintelligibly at the trio as Debode repeatedly begs the doorman to lock the doors.

“Where you running to, white boy?” the man shouts, stalking into the lobby. “You’re gonna die! Die, Jews, die!”Debode and her husband went up to the woman’s apartment, where they stayed until cops arrived. Stora was arrested Dec. 7 and charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, said police. It was at a court appearance for that case on Wednesday that Stora was arrested for the assault on Mcgookin.

On Thursday, Stora went on a crazed tirade at his arraignment for punching the TikToker, calling the detective handling that case a white supremacist.

Debode’s friend sent her a TikTok video Mcgookin posted after she was attacked in which the influencer mentions her assailant was walking a dog, which made her wonder if it was the same unhinged man that followed them.

“She said, ‘Oh my God, is this the guy?’” Debode recalled.

Debode said she knows the legal system needs to run its course, but she wishes no one else would have been a victim of Stora’s unhinged behavior.

“It’s very random, what he’s doing. I understand that the process is lengthy,” said Debode. “But it’s extremely frustrating knowing he was out there doing it to other people.”

Stora now has 13 arrests, as well as a number of sealed arrests.