Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Deputy Ocean County, NJ Fire Marshal Calls Jews “Trash”

A deputy fire marshal in Ocean County, NJ has revealed his true colors of antisemitism in comments made on Facebook.

Using profanity, John Pasola wrote that residents of Lakewood, NJ think “they are above the law,” and asks the National Guard to be deployed to “take action because no one else is.”

Commenting on a boardwalk in a neighboring New Jersey municipality, the foul-mouthed Pasola writes that he hopes the boardwalk will be closed all summer to “keep the trash and dirty ones from Lakewood out.”

The racist deputy fire Marshall had previously posted a picture of Orthodox Jews legally driving around and playing music to cheer people up, asking Governor Phil Murphy to “fix this problem.”

Pasola has been an assistant fire marshal with Ocean County for over 17 years, but hopefully, after his latest rant, his last day has come. Pasola is a son of Mr. Jack Pasola, a noted civic servant who served the Point Pleasant Beach Community for several decades.

“John has brought embarrassment upon his own family and those who know him,” remarked a community activist on condition of anonymity. “He must be made an example, teaching racists that their hatred won’t be tolerated and they will pay a price.”