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New Jersey Rapper Illegally Enters Jewish School Over Purim and Attacks Security Guard

A Hackensack man is accused of trespassing at Heichal HaTorah high school in Teaneck and striking a security officer on Sunday, officials said.

The 29-year-old man, Nakieme Murphy, allegedly unlawfully entered the school on Sterling Place during a private celebration of Purim, a Jewish holiday. The individual reportedly refused to leave the building and allegedly punched a security guard while being escorted out, said a press release from the Teaneck Police Department. The security guard was not injured, police said.

Teaneck police arrived and arrested the man, charging him with fourth-degree criminal trespass and simple assault.

Teaneck police also said they are aware of social media posts that allege the trespasser was making antisemitic remarks during the incident. The remarks have not been reported by the complainants or substantiated by the investigation, officials said.

Teaneck Chief Andrew McGurr urges people with any information about the incident to contact the Teaneck Police Department at 201-837-2600.