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More White Supremacist ‘GDL’ Flyers Found in Northern California

Several Chico neighborhoods were littered with antisemitic flyers Monday night.

There were at least three different versions of the fliers found at homes on Dale Way, Manzanita Avenue, and Howard Drive.

They were in plastic bags with pebbles inside, just like the antisemitic flyers found in towns nearby a few months before.

One woman who lives in the area, Shay Greaney said she is disgusted by the fliers.

“The fact that this is the third time that this has happened and that these are showing up on people’s houses is incredibly disgusting… that people feel so strongly to spread hateful speech. That’s just a sad thing about humanity and it’s sad to see it in your community, but it also says a lot about American society. Chico is not isolated from America and this is not the only place that things like this are happening,” Greaney told Action News Now.

The flyers are the same ones found in neighboring cities from a few months before

NGO StopAntisemitism has identified the antisemitic flyers as Goyim Defense League (GDL) anti-Jewish propaganda. The GDL is led by Jon Minadeo II. Minadeo and his followers are no strangers to Chico. In February, the group dropped similar flyers around the area.

Multiple residents from the area said once they saw the content of the papers, they immediately threw them in the trash.

One homeowner on Dale way told Action News Now she got several antisemitic flyers thrown onto her lawn that morning, and this is not the first time.

She says it’s been a problem on her street for years.

Chico police will be increasing patrol in the area, but because the flyers are protected by the first amendment, there’s not much else police can do.

Source: https://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/more-antisemitic-fliers-found-littering-chico-yards/article_d44a752c-cdcd-11ed-8eaa-33067d581010.html