Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Second Swastika Uncovered at New Jersey High School

Another swastika — the second in just four months — was found etched on school property in Glen Rock, according to police officials.

A student reported seeing the antisemitic symbol carved in a bathroom stall door on the second floor of Glen Rock High School, police chief Dean Ackermann said Monday.

The bias incident — which was reported to police Thursday by the school’s security director, according to the chief — is the latest in a string of related incidents that have occurred in borough schools.

A swastika was also found in December penned into the top of a desk at Glen Rock Middle School, and a racial slur was found in January written on a desk at the high school, Patch reported.

School officials, chief Ackermann said, reviewed hallway security cameras, yet were unable to determine a timeline during which the incident may have occurred.

“The governing body of the borough of Glen Rock has zero tolerance for symbols of hate in our community,” Mayor Kristine Morieko said Monday.

Morieko said she has spoken with the school board president and has confirmed the district.

“I expressed concern on behalf of the governing body, and I requested to be a part of those conversations, which should include not only the students but the stakeholders of the town,” Morieko said. “While this is a school issue, it is unfortunate that the community at large is affected.”

“While antisemitic incidents are on the rise nationwide, our residents have every right to be alarmed when they hear of such local acts,” Morieko said.

Source: https://patch.com/new-jersey/ridgewood/swastika-again-found-carved-glen-rock-school-property-officials