Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Symbols Discovered in Connecticut Elementary School

UPDATE April 8, 2024: Juvenile ID’d in police investigation; more here.

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Two girls vandalized an Old Greenwich School staircase and etched a swastika into the school’s walkway Sunday evening, officials said.

The vandalism was discovered on Monday morning, according to an email Superintendent Toni Jones and OGS Principal Jennifer Bencivengo sent to OGS families on Monday. Greenwich Public Schools immediately called the Greenwich Police Department and once officers arrived, they began an investigation. 

GPD, along with the district’s safety and security department, found through security video footage that “two female student-aged individuals committed these unlawful and hateful acts on Sunday evening,” according to the email. 

GPD is handling the case and is working with the school district to identify the two individuals.

GPS has had other antisemitic events occur this school year: at Greenwich High School a swastika was found etched onto a lab table and a swastika and offensive graffiti were found at Western and Central middle schools. Both incidents took place in November. 

“We would like to reinforce that bigotry and hate, in any form, have no place in Greenwich Public Schools,” school officials said in the email. “We encourage you to have age-appropriate conversations with your children to promote kindness and tolerance for everyone. Your school counselors are available for assistance.”

After the police department documented the vandalism, Greenwich’s Department of Public Works cleared the carving from the concrete walkway and the GPS Department of Facilities repaired the staircase.

Jones and Bencivengo, in the email, asked parents and students to immediately reach out to GPD if they have any information related to the incident.