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Swastika and “Hitler was Good” Graffiti Found at Boston Area Elementary School

A juvenile will likely face charges after hateful graffiti was found scrawled at the new Goodnow Brothers Elementary Schools, according to Marlborough police.

On Wednesday, a teacher reported finding a swastika and the phrase “Hitler was good” on a wall near the school’s basketball court, according to Marlborough Sgt. Zach Attaway. A teacher covered the graffiti with a plastic bag, and no students saw it.

Police later identified a juvenile suspect, and Attaway said the person will face charges.

Superintendent Michael Bergeron condemned the graffiti, saying that it does not represent the district’s values, according to the Boston Globe.

This is at least the second Nazi-related graffiti incident at a school this month. On March 4, someone etched a swastika on a bathroom wall at Sharon High School, according to police.