Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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New Jersey Legislator Called to Step Down over Antisemitism

Mayor Douglas Vitale of Point Pleasant Beach has renewed his demand for Councilwoman Rosa Crowley’s resignation following an antisemitic incident involving her Jewish neighbor.

Vitale criticized Crowley for her “bigoted diatribe,” which he said not only brought shame upon herself but also tarnished the community’s reputation. The mayor’s call to action stems from a borough police report transcript detailing the unsettling event.

She allegedly called her neighbor a “Jew”.

Crowley has publicly denied she had used the antisemitic slur captured on video.

Vitale highlighted Crowley’s problematic history with neighbors, noting the recent incident wasn’t the first accusation of ethnic slurs but the first captured on camera.

“We cannot remain silent against such vile bigotry,” Vitale asserted, emphasizing the urgency to address and eradicate hate, especially antisemitism, within the community.

In an aggressive move to combat this issue, Vitale announced plans to rally support from state and county officials against Crowley’s alleged misconduct and conflicts of interest. The mayor’s determination to see Crowley step down underscores a significant moment of accountability and resistance against hate in Point Pleasant Beach.