Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Calls for Spotify to Remove Antisemitic Songs Increase

The ‘We Believe In Israel’ (WBII) Jewish advocacy campaign has found that streaming service Spotify is in serious breach of its content guidelines due to finding on its platform content that incites “hatred and violence against Jews and Israel.”

WBII is calling for the music to be removed immediately.

The extremist music includes song lyrics that “incites and promotes hatred, violence, and disinformation against Jews and Israelis,” according to the UK Jewish News.

WBII’s campaign calls for Spotify to take down “dozens of instances of problematic material,” including Lowkey’s “Long Live Palestine – Part 2 rap,” which includes references to having “globalized the intifiada” and claims to have “studied the Torah and learnt by their own admission Israel’s actions are not kosher in their own religion.”

“Spotify has a responsibility to uphold its platform rules which quite clearly state that content promoting, threatening, or inciting violence is unacceptable,” WBII’s director Luke Akehurst told the Jewish News.

He added that their project has found a serious number of instances of extremist content, which they called on Spotify to take action on.

“We view [rapper Lowkey’s] comments about globalizing the Intifada as a direct incitement of violence towards Jews and Israelis,” Akehurst said.

WBII said it uncovered multiples instances of other extreme anti-Israel rap songs that promoted incitement and terrorism against Jews and Israels, including a song that encouraged attacking Tel Aviv.

“We will put pressure on Spotify to ensure that problematic content is removed in a timely fashion,” WBII’s campaign manager Rachel Blain said. “We Believe In Israel’s research is an ongoing project and we will continue to highlight music and podcasts which breach the platform’s rules.