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Tucker Carlson’s Producer Served with Lawsuit over Antisemitism in the Workplace

A producer on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show mocked a Jewish employee for going to a “Jew bakery” to “see his people,” a Fox News producer alleged in a lawsuit against the right-wing media company.

Abby Grossberg filed the lawsuit in Manhattan court on Monday against Fox News and several of its executives. 

Her lawsuit claims that she and other Jewish employees were repeatedly discriminated against for being Jewish.

The suit details an encounter between one producer on Tucker Carlson Tonight and another employee, a Jewish man and producer on the same show. 

During the holiday season in 2022, the Jewish worker went to a Jewish bakery and brought a babka — which is a historically Jewish sweet bread — to the office, the lawsuit states. 

“When the first producer learned that there was babka in the office, he began to loudly and obnoxiously demand that the Tucker Carlson Tonight booking team have ‘the bread made by the Jews,'” the suit alleges. 

Then, whenever the Jewish employee would visit the bakery after that, the worker “loudly proclaimed to the Tucker Carlson show booking team that the Jewish employee went to the ‘Jew bakery,’ and that he had gone ‘to see his people,'” the suit alleges. 

The lawsuit says that this “incredibly demeaning and offensive conduct made even worse by the fact that the employee endorsed others in the office to repeat these offensive remarks.”

In response to a request for comment about the allegations, a Fox News spokesperson said: “This allegation is patently false and never happened.”

Grossberg’s lawyer Parisis Filippatos told Insider that the lawsuit “very clearly depicts victimization by Fox” of Grossberg and other employees. 

The two workers named in the lawsuit as being involved in the alleged antisemitic incident did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-producer-mocked-jewish-employees-lawsuit-alleges-2023-3