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Vile Antisemitic Lyrics Spark Controversy on JayZ and Jay Electronica’s New Album


Jay Electronica – a rapper, producer, and friend of Louis Farrakhan — released his debut album on Friday and it’s already causing controversy. On the “Ghost of Soulja Slim” track, about a late rapper friend, Electronica raps in the second verse:

“And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar/

The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar.”

The song also begins with audio from a speech by Farrakhan, the antisemitic leader of the Nation of Islam who has called Jews “satanic” (among other things) in the past. Electronica is a longtime member of the Nation of Islam and he and Farrakhan are close — despite the fact that his raps are full of profanity, which is shunned by the Nation. Farrakhan has defended Electronica’s profanity in the past.

Jay-Z is featured on the track and heavily throughout the album titled “A Written Testimony.” Electronica said he stands behind “every single word” on the album.