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Pro-Hamas Goons Target Effy’s Cafe on NYC’s Upper West Side

New Yorkers living on the city’s Upper West Side of Manhattan came together on Monday to help the owners of the popular kosher Effy’s Cafe clean up a horrific, vicious mess left by pro-Hamas anarchists.

This is not the first time the cafe has been targeted.

“NYC – Jewish owned eatery vandalized once again by the “Free Palestine” supporters,” the Stop Antisemitism organization wrote in a post on the X social media platform.

“None of the other businesses around were targeted, only this one. Are we allowing Germany 1939 to happen all over again?”

In response, X social media user Shai Davidai wrote, “No other way to say this: A kosher restaurant was targeted for for being Jewish. This is happening in the zip-code with one of the highest concentration of Jews in the US. We will not let them replay the 1930s in Germany. This time we’re fighting back.”

On the sidewalk in front of the Israeli Jewish eatery, located on West 96th Street, spray-painted in large black capital letters, was the following: “FORM LINE HERE TO SUPPORT GENOCIDE.”

The front windows and door were slathered with huge amounts of red paint that had obviously been thrown at the restaurant.

Neighbors in the area came together and worked for hours to help remove the graffiti, purchasing the supplies themselves from local stores, according to X social media user Melanie Notkin.