Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Louisiana Man Arrested for 2018 Antisemitic Vandalism


A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing a synagogue in September 2018. Caine Zander Brown, 20, was arrested on Tuesday and will be charged with damage to property by spray-painting two swastikas and a cross, in addition to the words “burn” and “synagogue of satan,” on the exterior of the Northshore Jewish Congregation in Mandeville.

“Brown stated he had traveled to Mandeville during the time frame of the graffiti incident. Additionally, Brown was discovered to have made numerous social-media posts espousing Nazi beliefs, including denial of the Holocaust and use of the term ‘synagogue of satan,’ law enforcement said,” reported the local affiliate Fox 8.

An informant placed Brown near the synagogue at the time of the graffiti.