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Machete-Wielding Man Arrested After Menacing Outside Lakewood Synagogue

Lakewood Shomrim received multiple calls on Monday evening about 22-year-old Maxwell Sanchez chasing and threatening people with a dagger in the area of the Satmar synagogue on Forest Avenue in New Jersey.

NGO StopAntisemitism shared the attacker’s identity with their followers on social media. Maxwell Sanders was quickly identified and apprehended.

Multiple Shomrim members responded swiftly to the scene and maintained a visual on the suspect as the Lakewood Police Department was called in.

The suspect was subsequently arrested at gunpoint, and his knife was recovered by law enforcement and taken in as evidence.

Source: https://antisemitism.org.il/2023/03/14/usa-machete-wielding-man-arrested-near-satmar-synagogue-in-lakewood-nj/