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Jewish Teens Stalked, Hospitalized in Robbery Gone Wrong

UPDATE May 5, 2023: The believed ringleader and person who threw the punches in the shocking attack on two Jewish boys in Crown Heights this March is finally seeing justice, as the NYPD says that they have arrested him; more here.

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UPDATE March 29, 2023: Shomrim has reported a third perpetrator has been arrested in connection with the attack on the Jewish teens; more here.

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UPDATE March 19, 2023: A second arrest has been made by the NYPD in the shocking assault and attempted robbery of two Jewish boys in Crown Heights last Monday; more here.

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UPDATE March 17, 2023: Shomrim has reported one perpetrator is under arrest and charged with attempted robbery and gang assault; more here.

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Two Jewish teenage boys were assaulted by a gang of six teenagers in Crown Heights on Monday night, according to Shomrim.

At around 9:12 p.m., the two victims were walking on Carrol Street and Albany Avenue when they were followed and stopped by a group of six hooded, masked assailants. The suspects attempted to take money from the victims and proceeded to assault them.

One of the victims was left with a bloody nose after the incident. Shomrim later reported the teenager was treated for a broken nose.

Shomrim received multiple calls, and units were at the scene in under a minute. Witnesses said that they saw the suspects fleeing on Albany Avenue towards Eastern Parkway.

Members of Shomrim saw the group walking north on Eastern Parkway before turning on St. John’s Place and entering an apartment building. Units surrounded the building, and NYPD arrived, but the teens were not found in the apartment building.

Monday’s incident follows a string of unprovoked attacks on visibly Jewish people in Crown Heights over the past few months. For some of those stories, click here, here, here, here, and here.

NYPD and Shomrim are continuing to investigate.

Source: https://hamodia.com/2023/03/14/two-jewish-teens-assaulted-in-crown-heights/