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Prestigious New York University Brings Rabid Anti-Israel Academic On Board

Cornell University is hiring a professor with a history of sharing antisemitic posts.

Wunpini F. Mohammed, assistant professor of Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Georgia, announced on X that she will be starting a new job as an assistant professor at Cornell University’s Department of Communications later this year. The decision comes despite Mohammed’s record of controversial anti-Israel activity on X. 

“Israel is a settler-colony on stolen land–-it does not have a ‘right to exist,’” read one statement that Mohammed reposted this January. 

Another post from the same account that Mohammed reposted states: “If Jewish folks don’t want to be incorrectly associated with Israel’s barbarism, the answer is to be vehemently anti-Zionist & work to dismantle Israel+Zionism.”

Mohammed also shared a post from someone who wrote: “Hakeem is a house dem alright and a house neeeeegrow,” in reference to Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) expressing support for Israel. 

Mohammed reposted a comment from another user who denigrated Mia Schem, an Israeli-French woman released from Hamas captivity who said she was afraid of being raped by her captors, saying: “We keep reaching new lows. Also it’s so clear this has the same energy as white women historically falsely accusing Black men of assault. Whatever it takes to demonize Palestinians and continue mass killing them.”

When a pastor from Mohammed’s home country, Ghana, publicly prayed for the safety of Israel following the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians (as reported on Ghana News), Mohammed lashed out on X, writing: “These religious frauds do not speak for Ghanaians.” She continued: “We [Ghana] stand in solidarity with Palestine and unequivocally condemn Israeli genocide and war crimes in Palestine.” 

This is not the first time that Cornell has hired an anti-Israel professor.

As seen on Campus ReformRussel Rickford, associate professor of history at Cornell, described Hamas’s killings as “exhilarating,” stating: “It was energizing. And if it weren’t exhilarating by this challenge to the monopoly of violence – by this shifting of the balance of power – then they would not be human. I was exhilarated.”

Another Cornell instructor, Alyiah Gonzales, canceled her English class in order to observe a “Global Strike for Palestine,” according to a report by Campus Reform. In an email to her class obtained by The Washington Free Beacon, she stated: “Today, I am canceling class in solidarity with collective calls for a Global Strike for Palestine . . . I mourn the fact that all universities in Gaza have been destroyed or demolished by Israeli military forces and operations.”

Gonzales has also previously said that Israel “and all those complicit in genocide and occupation can rot in the deepest darkest pits of hell,” according to The Washington Free Beacon

Source: https://www.campusreform.org/article/cornell-university-hires-unhinged-jew-hating-professor-thinks-israel-must-destroyed/24981