Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Florida Family Receives Antisemitic Letter Laced With Hate Speech

A letter, mailed to the Silverstone family at their Miami Beach residence on Prairie Avenue, bears a disturbing message from an unfamiliar sender on Free Palestine Street.

“It’s a whole bunch of profanities calling me a nazi which is beyond ridiculous,” said Sorelle Silverstone.

Inside, the letter contains profanities and baseless accusations, including labeling the recipient as a Nazi, which the Silverstone’s find absurd given their display of a large Israeli flag in their front window.

The family speculates that the sender may have been incensed by their visible support for Israel.

“My theory is someone drove by, and for whatever reason, whatever black hole they have in their heart, it upset them so much that they wrote down my address and went through the trouble of having enough color ink in their printer to send me this very, very angry letter,” said Silverstone.

Despite lacking a direct threat, the Silverstone’s reported the incident to the police, who are investigating the matter, including fingerprinting the letter.

“It’s being fingerprinted and investigated,” said Silverstone.

Miami Beach’s Steven Meiner has taken note of the incident, emphasizing the city’s zero-tolerance policy towards such acts of hatred.

“We have no tolerance for that here in Miami Beach and we’ve actually beefed up our police presence around synagogues and Jewish areas,” said Meiner.

He mentions increased police presence around synagogues and Jewish areas as a precautionary measure.

Silverstone, undeterred by the hateful letter, speaks out to empower others against hate, emphasizing that they refuse to be seen as victims.

“I grew up with my grandmother having numbers from Auschwitz tattooed on her arm,” she said. “I want people everywhere to understand that we are not victims.”

To the people that sent you the letter, what would you like to tell them?” asked Local 10 News reporter Christian De La Rosa.

“The hatred comes within you,” Silverstone responded.