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Swastikas Plastered Around Jewish Home in North London

Residents in North London have been left terrified after a property was allegedly graffitied with swastikas by vandals. In a social media post on Twitter posted by Shomrim, a voluntary Neighborhood Watch group from Stamford Hill in North London shows pictures of a property in London with swastikas drawn on it.

The antisemitic graffiti has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, who told MyLondon that they have conducted ‘reassurance patrols in the area following the report’’ The Met confirmed that they were contacted on March 10 regarding antisemitic graffiti drawn on an address in Portland Avenue, N16.

Whilst the report was made on March 10, the police have confirmed that they suspect the graffiti to have been drawn a week prior.

A social media post by Shomrim said: “Shomrim have received multiple calls from terrified residents reporting that the property has been covered with swastikas.”

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “Police were contacted on Friday, March 10, regarding antisemitic graffiti that had been drawn onto an address in Portland Avenue N16. The graffiti is suspected to have been removed around a week prior. The Central East Command Unit does not tolerate hate crimes and takes such incidents very seriously.

“Officers have visited the victim and have conducted reassurance patrols in the area following the report. There have been no arrests at this time.”

Source: https://www.mylondon.news/news/north-london-news/north-london-jewish-residents-left-26454668