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More Antisemitic ‘Don’t Say Jew’ Flyers Littered Across West Palm Beach Compliments of GDL

More than 50 antisemitic flyers were distributed in a West Palm Beach neighborhood Saturday afternoon, which is the second time hateful messages have been distributed in this neighborhood in less than two months.

Five people face multiple citations for the antisemitic messages distributed on Saturday.

People in this neighborhood in the northeast section of West Palm Beach say they were shocked and appalled to see these antisemitic, hate-filled messages.

“It was disgusting, it was vile, it was clearly antisemitic, clearly has no place in the Old Northwood neighborhood. It’s not what we’re about in this neighborhood and it’s not what we stand for,” said Kathy.

“It is outrageous to think that somebody out there is going to go out there and throw things and try to deliver a hateful message,” said Victor Alcantara of the Northwood Shores neighborhood, which was also targeted on Saturday.

Police say the five men who did this used a U-Haul pickup truck. They were all found and all have received multiple citations, including for littering and pedestrian violations.

Investigators say the men also yelled racial slurs at the officers as they were receiving citations.

“We certainly have no place for hate in West Palm Beach,” said Mike Jachles, the public information officer with the West Palm Beach Police Department. “This is a welcoming city. It’s a diverse city and the message is if they want to do something like this do it somewhere else or don’t do it at all, actually, so we will enforce the laws that are on the books.”

The men who received citations are 60-year-old David Young Kim of West Palm Beach, 40-year-old Jon Eugene Minadeo of West Palm Beach, 57-year-old Jeffrey Kidder Allen of Wisconsin, 46-year-old Brian Keith Hulliger of Bradenton, and 33-year-old Nicholas Allen Bysheim of Maryland. Kim and Minadeo do not live in the Old Northwood neighborhood.

Nicholas Bysheim is currently working through the legal issues from his arrest in November of 2022. Bysehim has been unable to find an attorney to represent him for an additional littering citation he received in January of this year. Bysheim, who goes by the name ‘Jehu’ has assisted Jon Minadeo II in several of these antisemitic missions.

The West Palm Beach Police Department says they could be able to give the men responsible more citations if more people here in the Old Northwood neighborhood come forward and tell the department what they know. The department can be reached at 561-822-1900.

The West Palm Beach Police Department is working with the Palm Beach County state attorney in this investigation.

Source: https://www.wpbf.com/article/anti-semitic-flyers-distributed-west-palm-beach-neighborhood-northwood/43280645