Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Flags in Chicago Apartment Windows Cause Outrage

Neighbors in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood are distressed over Nazi flags flying in the window of an apartment.

The Jewish advocacy group that aims to stop hatred of the Jewish people – StopAntisemitism – tweeted the building was located at the intersection of Magnolia and Ridge and possibly managed by Seminary Properties and Management Ltd.

Matthew Rais said he lives in the city, is Jewish and has always felt welcomed. “It’s a lost cause what they’re fighting for. We’re all Americans and we need to come together in unity,” Rais said.

Peter Craig has been identified as the resident who put the Nazi flags in the windows; attempting to defend his actions, he stated “everybody in America deserves to have their home as their sanctuary,” Craig said.

He said he put up the flags to get attention for his missing fiancĂ©e, Ariana Daniels. Craig said he was given an eviction notice specifically referencing the Nazi flags and is currently in discussions with his landlord to take them down. “I’m not a skinhead. I am not a skinhead. I’m a long-haired, peace loving, freaky hippy,” he said.

Source: https://abc7chicago.com/nazi-flags-swastika-flag-edgewater-chicago-apartment/12934675/