Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika Found at Connecticut Middle School

A swastika was found scratched into the walking track behind the Oxford Middle School this week, and First Selectman George Temple and Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason McKinnon said the town and Board of Education “strongly condemns this symbol of bigotry.”

When the offensive symbol was discovered was not disclosed, but the two officials called the act a “painful reminder that anti-Semitism and hatred exist in society,” adding that such actions must be rooted out.

“The town stands with the Board of Education in expressing our disappointment and outrage that such an incident occurred,” the two leaders said in a joint statement. “We are a town that prides itself in the harmony and camaraderie which has come to represent our community. Such desecration of public property runs counter to the spirit of goodwill that permeates our town.”

Members of the town’s Public Works Department have removed the offending vandalism, but the incident remains under investigation, and officials said that once caught, the suspect or suspects will be prosecuted.

“We will not allow any group or individual to feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the actions of a miscreant,” Temple and McKinnon said.