Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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California Virtual City Council Meeting Interrupted by Antisemitic Callers

At a recent Crescent City Council meeting, several community members spoke out against antisemitic or racist comments allegedly made over a city-wide Zoom meeting.

Those who made the hateful comments did so anonymously, with their faces concealed. They reportedly directed council members to engage with known antisemitic or racist media.

Nearly every community member at the meeting then used their allotted time for public comment, with many asking the council to be more stringent on who can enter the Zoom call.

A number of Jewish community members, including former Del Norte Supervisor Rogers Gitlin, spoke out against the hate speech.

Mayor of Crescent City, Blake Inscore, says that the city has little ability to cut off a person’s speech during public comments.

Mayor Inscore stated, “In consultation with our city attorney, it was determined that during general public comment, we have very little discretion to cut off a person’s right to speak. We do have much more latitude to redirect or cut off comments that are not relevant.”

Source: https://krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/eureka-local-news/anti-semetic-and-racist-comments-made-in-crescent-city-council-meeting