Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika Found in Another New York High School


The Clarkstown Police Department is currently investigating an incident where a swastika was found drawn on a student’s desk at Clarkstown South High School. It was reportedly drawn between Friday, Feb. 28 and Tuesday, March 3, police said.

“We regret to inform you of the disturbing fact that a drawing of a swastika was found on a student desk in a South High School classroom this week,” South High School Principal Deb Tarantino and Schools Superintendent Martin Cox wrote in a note to parents. “This antisemitic drawing is offensive, hurtful, and contradictory to the environment we promote daily which is centered on acceptance, inclusiveness, and respect for all students.”

The police were shown a photo of the swastika taken by a staff member, due to the fact that the swastika had been cleaned off the desk prior to detectives’ arrival, investigators said. The school has also launched its own internal investigation.

“The Clarkstown Police Department wants to reiterate our stance that no symbol of hate including swastikas has a place in our society, especially our schools,” the department stated.

School officials said that the symbol of hate drawn on the desk has provided a teaching moment for students and staff. Tarantino said she and officers from the police department have been in contact with students “to reinforce the hurtful nature of this action.”

Tarantino said she is also working with teacher leaders to ask for their aid in making this incident a learning experience for students.

“We have reached out to the Holocaust Museum and Center for Tolerance and Education to discuss partnering with them in a presentation about this symbol of hate and what it still means even today to individuals of all walks of life. Our hope is to combine a presentation with a meaningful discussion in English classes with students. We will keep you posted on this endeavor as we work towards this goal.”

The Clarkstown Detective Bureau is investigating this incident and we are asking anyone who may have information regarding this to call the investigators at the Clarkstown Police Department by calling (845) 639-5800.