Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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“Jews Killed Chist” Graffiti Found on Cincinnati Bridge


A large antisemitic message scrawled on a railroad bridge on the border of Madisonville and Oakley was promptly cleaned off Friday afternoon. Community and city leaders took swift action after the graffiti was discovered Wednesday on the trestle spanning Madison Road, according to the Jewish Community Relations Council.

It reads: “The Jews killed Christ. They are the enemies of the whole human race. – Paul.”

The council and other community leaders, including at least once councilmember, met near the site of the graffiti Friday afternoon to raise awareness “that hate against one group is hate against all.”

Representatives from Cincinnati Police, Cincinnati Office of Human Relations, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, Crossroads Church and others stood in solidarity and support.

Councilmen Greg Landsman and P.G. Sittenfeld are among the city leaders working to address the graffiti. Landsman said acts like this can absolutely lead to more “fanatical and deadly” incidents.

“It’s deeply disturbing, and an unfortunate reminder that anti-Semitism is very much real,” Landsman said. “We’ll clean it up, but we also have to be as clear as we can that this isn’t Cincinnati, and hate doesn’t belong anywhere in our city.”