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Antisemitic ‘GDL’ Flyers Litter Michigan Neighborhoods

Malicious antisemitic flyers are being distributed around a Gaines Township neighborhood in Michigan.

A homeowner in the Crystal Springs neighborhood reported the flyers to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office Monday morning after seeing a van driving around dropping off the materials in driveways Sunday.

The driver has been identified, and the investigation is ongoing. There’s no word yet on any potential charges.

The small flyers were located inside a plastic bag and are meant to spread conspiracies out to the community.

“Like Jews did 9/11, or Jews own Disney, or Jews are responsible for COVID. This particular group likes to put all of the ills of society onto flyers.”

There has been a rise in antisemitism and other forms of hatred over the last few years. NGO StopAntisemitism has identified the white supremacist group responsible for distributing the antisemitic materials around Michigan & across the nation as the Goyim Defense League (GDL). The GDL is led by neo-nazi Jon Minadeo II, who has spent the last few years harassing Jewish communities. Minadeo and his members visited Michigan the previous year during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

Those responsible can be charged with littering.

“We can’t just discard property in someone’s yard. That’s a civil infraction. However, there may be more for us to learn still. This case is still open,” said Sgt. Eric Brunner, a spokesperson with the sheriff’s office. “Our deputies got a report of it since 9:30 this morning. We may have had a few others come in since then that I’m not aware of, so we’re still looking at it.” 

Source: https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/crime/anti-semitic-flyers-distributed-around-gaines-township-neighborhood/69-d922e6d6-6478-4332-9079-613effdf66d0