Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemites Harass Baltimore Jews on Shabbat

There were multiple reported incidents of Jews being harassed by antisemites in Baltimore this past Shabbat.

The incidents occurred in the Pickwick Apartments neighborhood and were responded to by Baltimore Shomrim and the police, according to Baltimore Jewish Life.

Witnesses told Shomrim that several people driving a dark-colored Chevrolet Cruze accosted Jewish residents near synagogues, hurling antisemitic abuse and demanding they give them money.

Upon being contacted, Shomrim quickly notified the police, who opened an investigation.

Footage of several of the incidents of harassment was taken by Shomrim’s Community Watch Camera. The clips have been provided to the police to identify the culprits.

“Shomrim takes these incidents seriously and works closely with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to ensure that a thorough investigation is initiated and those responsible are apprehended,” Baltimore Shomrim said in a statement.

The harassment occurred several days after a hate group distributed antisemitic flyers in a Baltimore neighborhood in an attempt to “intimidate and harass” the local Jewish community, according to a Jewish leader.

Source: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/368335