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Mohamed Hadid Threatens to Hunt Zionists “Like Nazis” in Fiery Anti-Israel Critique of President Biden

Real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid lashed out at US President Joe Biden on Sunday for his relations with Israel during the October 7 War, saying that it was the American leader’s war against Palestinians and that he would be hunted down like a Nazi war criminal.

The watchdog group StopAntisemitism has previously featured Hadid as their ‘Antisemite of the Week’ over his virulent antisemitic beliefs which he openly shares with his massive following on social media.

“This is [US President Joe] Biden’s war on the Palestinian people,” Hadid said on Instagram in response to a TRT World clip of UN Sustainable Development Network director Dr. Jeffery Sachs calling on the US to cease supplying ammunition to Israel. “He will be in court with the rest of the Zionist criminals. We will hunt them down like they did the Nazis.”

Earlier that day Hadid called Biden the  ‘head of the Zionist project,’ in response to a UN report that a Palestinian child had starved to death in Gaza.

Hadid, who was born in Nazareth and whose family fled the War of Independence for Lebanon, has been extremely vocal about the October 7 War, and critical of those rejecting an immediate ceasefire.

On Monday, Hadid responded to negotiations between Hamas and Israel on a hostage deal and ceasefire, by calling for Zionists to leave the land of Israel.

“We don’t need to ask for a ceasefire,” Hadid wrote on Instagrams. “We demand a ceasefire.”

Hadid explained that Palestinians were indigenous to the territory, and therefore, the impetus was on Israelis to submit to their demands.

“We demand an end to the occupation and an end to colonialism,” said Hadid. “In short, get the hell out of Palestine.”