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Masoud Gets 18 Months in Prison for Attacking Jews

An antisemitic hater was sentenced Friday in New York to 18 months in prison and three years of supervised release for multiple attacks on Jews.

StopAntisemitism, a U.S. based advocacy group exposing and fighting bias and hatred against the Jewish people, shared the news with their Twitter followers following the news.

Saadah Masoud, 29, pleaded guilty to “participating in a conspiracy to commit hate crime acts” in connection with three attacks on Jews in New York City in 2021 and 2022.

Masoud’s antisemitism continued after his arrest on June 14, 2022, court records reveal.

“When the defendant was brought to the courthouse following his arrest, he recognized the case detective and said to him, “All this for one Jew?”

Masoud, a resident of Staten Island, was sentenced by Judge Denise Cote.

According to court documents filed by prosecutors last month, Masoud bragged in a text on the Signal messaging app on May 19, 2021, “I beat the s**t out of three Zionist[s] yesterday and didn’t even see a jail cell. ONLY VIOLENCE,” he wrote, adding those who attack Jews would receive a minor desk ticket at most.
The next day, he attacked a Jewish man wearing a Jewish Star on a necklace at a pro-Israel demonstration. “Are you a f—— Jew?” Masoud yelled, and then punched him in the face. He then texted his friends: “no videos of me anywhere lmaooo. I’m Gucci. No face, no case.”

On June 2, 2021, he attacked local Jewish activist Heshy Tischler outside his home in Brooklyn, writing after the attack, “nah some jew politician said I assaulted him,” adding that he was freed without bail.

Matt Greenman, 28, became Masoud’s third victim in April 2022 when he showed up at a pro-Palestinian Authority demonstration wearing an Israeli flag. Masoud and his friends surrounded Greenman, “and he got me from behind, got me on the ground, and punched me in the face. I got this black eye. He kicked me in the face a whole bunch,” Greenman told WPIX 11. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a concussion.

Senior Counsel at the Lawfare Project Gerald Filitti, the attorney who represented Greenman, thanked the Department of Justice for the conviction.