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Maryland Park Vandalized with Anti-Jewish Messages

The Baltimore County Police Department is investigating a series of graffiti found in the Cockeysville area over the weekend.

Antisemitic messages and references to the Israel-Hamas war were spray painted on the backstop of a baseball field at Warren Place Park.

According to a Baltimore County government spokesperson, the graffiti has since been covered by white paint and will be fully repaired.

Baltimore County Police said at least four places were damaged in the area of Warren and York Roads over the weekend.

Spray-painted messages reading “Free Gaza” were also visible in several spots along West Warren Road on Monday.

A police spokesperson told FOX45 News the graffiti is being investigated as crimes of bias and destruction of property.

A Cockeysville woman who lives near Warren Place Park described the graffiti as “devastating” and “horrible.”

“Twenty-some years I’ve never seen this down here ever,” said Maureen Miller.

On Monday, the Baltimore Jewish Council said the graffiti found at Warren Place Park was, “full of hate.”

“Kids are gonna see it, families are gonna see it as baseball season opens up at this particular ball field and other things,” said Howard Libit, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council. “It has no place in Baltimore County.”

Libit described the graffiti as an attempt to intimidate the area’s Jewish population.

“I recognize that many of us are gonna disagree on things,” said Libit. “We should try to disagree respectfully. Graffiti like this — that’s full of hate, that’s full of antisemitism — crosses the line.”

No suspect information has been shared by Baltimore County Police.