Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Symbols Discovered in Connecticut Middle School

Police are investigating after swastikas were found in a bathroom at Beman Middle School multiple times, an official said.

In a release on Thursday, Middletown Superintendent of Schools Alberto Vázquez Matos said the incidents came to his attention Wednesday, noting swastikas have been found in a specific bathroom in the middle school multiple times. 

“Let me be clear: there is no place for hate, intolerance, or discrimination of any kind in the Middletown Public Schools,” he said. “These acts are not only hurtful and offensive to individuals, but they also undermine the very foundation of a safe and inclusive learning environment for all.”

Vázquez Matos said the Middletown Police Department is investigating the incidents, adding that district and legal protocols and consequences will be adhered to and applied. He said the district also will begin engaging students and staff in a dialogue about the matter.

“We are committed to fostering open and honest conversations throughout the school community about the impact of hate symbols and their devastating effects on individuals and the collective well-being of our community,” he said. “We will likely be seeking guidance and support from external organizations to further enhance these discussions.”

Vázquez Matos said people’s words and actions hold immense power. “Choosing kindness, empathy, and inclusivity is not only the right thing to do, but it is also essential for building a just and equitable future for all — let’s remind our students and one another of this.”

Last May, the school district investigated an incident involving members of the middle school baseball team during which some athletes used racist and antisemitic language and shared offensive images.