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More Antisemitic Graffiti in New Hampshire Push Police to Open Probe

Ten days after launching an investigation into 17 incidents of hateful graffiti at businesses, homes, and houses of worship around downtown Portsmouth, city police are probing a new slate of offensive graffiti found Friday morning.

The Portsmouth Police Department was notified Friday around 9 a.m. of previously unseen hateful graffiti, which appears to be fresh, located on a Market Street pedestrian bridge that was found by a morning walker.

The new graffiti, which police noted in a news release consists of antisemitic and white supremacist rhetoric, was spray painted on a bridge near Alumni-Wentworth Field.

Images of the graffiti provided by the department show the Star of David spray painted in red, followed by a derogatory term for Jewish people and an “X” next to it followed by the phrase “White Lives Matter.”

Detective Sgt. Kevin McCarthy, the lead investigator on the recent slew of hateful graffiti spray painted on downtown area buildings and places of worship the morning of Feb. 21, stated that the Market Street discovery is now being lumped into the larger ongoing investigation.

“It was discovered by a walker today, and it looks like it may have been there for a little while unnoticed,” McCarthy said Friday afternoon.

Police are uncertain whether the pedestrian bridge markings are tied to the downtown area vandalism, an incident which saw the Temple Israel, and a number of popular businesses, including Assistant Mayor Joanna Kelley’s Cup of Joe Cafe & Bar, spray painted with swastikas and other symbols.

“The Portsmouth Police Department would like to speak with anyone who has utilized the footbridge to develop the best information on when this tagging may have occurred,” the department wrote in a news release on Friday.