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Antisemitic Rioters Set Fire to Tunisian Synagogue

A mob in Tunisia targeted an abandoned synagogue in the southeastern city of Sfax, setting fire on Sunday to trees in the building’s courtyard, local media reported.

No one was hurt in the reported attack, which took place in a city that is not presently home to any of Tunisia’s small Jewish population.

It marked the latest apparent antisemitic attack during the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, which began on October 7, when thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel from Gaza, murdering some 1,200 people and taking 253 hostage. The incident in Tunisia also occurred at the same time as prolonged negotiations between Israel and Hamas for a hostage release and truce deal, which are being pressed to reach an agreement ahead of Ramadan.

Media reports said the Sfax synagogue’s windows were damaged in the attack, but that firefighters managed to gain control of the blaze before it engulfed the building itself.

Numbering over 100,000 Jews in 1948, the Tunisian Jewish community is now estimated to be less than 1,000.

Sunday marked the second synagogue attack in Tunisia since the start of the war.